Thursday, 2 June 2011

Claymore Vol 1 by Norihiro Yagi

Claymore, Vol. 1 (Claymore) (v. 1)
Pages (Paperback): 208 pages
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC; 1 edition
Released: April 4, 2006

Description: A Claymore - a female warrior named for the sword she carries - travels from medieval village to village to destroy Yoma, monsters who disguise themselves as humans and who are almost impossible to kill. Claymores are half-humans, half-demons who willingly transformed themselves by mixing their blood with monster's blood. Claire, nicknamed silver-eyed killer, is such a powerful Claymore, she can slay a Yoma using only one hand. But she must constantly struggle to keep from becoming a monster herself.

Review: Claire is a Claymore, a contract demon killer. She goes from town to town killing the monsters that are causing problems. There are only four chapters in this volume, so it's simply an introduction into the world of Claymores. Their world is cruel and bloody. In order to fight the monsters they need to become them, but the more they do this the more they start to lose their human side.

Grade: 9 lines out of 10


  1. Oh my gosh! This sounds kick-butt! I'm definitely going to buy this! It looks awesome. I really like your blog and I wanted to tell you that you've won an award! Check out my blog and you'll see it.

    Kandee @ Pretty Little Book-Head

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