Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon   [NEW MOON] [Paperback]

Pages (Hardcover): 608 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown Books
Released: May 31, 2008

Description: Legions of readers entranced by Twilight are hungry for more and they won't be disappointed. In New Moon, Stephenie Meyer delivers another irresistible combination of romance and suspense with a supernatural twist. The "star-crossed" lovers theme continues as Bella and Edward find themselves facing new obstacles, including a devastating separation, the mysterious appearance of dangerous wolves roaming the forest in Forks, a terrifying threat of revenge from a female vampire and a deliciously sinister encounter with Italy's reigning royal family of vampires, the Volturi. Passionate, riveting, and full of surprising twists and turns, this vampire love saga is well on its way to literary immortality.

Review: I'm incredibly disappointed by New Moon. I liked Twilight and even though I thought Bella was a horrible friend, it was a good book for the most part. In New Moon, Bella continues to be a horrible friend. Horrible! For some reason it seems like if you are human, Bella won't give you the time of day and it's frustrating to read.

Grade: 4 lines out of 10

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  1. I think that readers disliked new moon more because Edward was out of the picture. He is, for me such a strong character that you just want him to come back. I found that the more times I read it the more I liked new moon.